3D Product Presentation

3D visualizations offer your business a unique and appealing way of communicating your products. Photo-realistic models of the product are created as being part of promotional material and campaigns.

Using 3D instead of a traditional photography shoot has many advantages

• We can use the same camera angles and lighting across a range of similar product (different colours or finishes etc.)

• We can tweak ‘after the shoot’, if a week later we want to change the camera angle or produce extra visuals we can easily recreate the exact same look and feel.

• Often 3D solutions are cheaper as we don’t have as much gear to buy, or large studios to rent.

• We can achieve creative lighting effects that would be completely impossible with photography, such as take a photo of a mirror without the photographer being visible.

3D product presentation: Furniture

3D Product Visualization

In the furniture industry, virtual spaces are part of 3D planning software, eg. for kitchen or living rooms. 3D visualizations are very helpful especially in the development phase of furniture. Thanks to professional 3D product visualization, the piece of furniture can be viewed from all sides before it goes into the production process.

3D Product Presentation: Furniture

Furniture3D product presentation: Furniture

3D Product Presentation: Furniture

Furniture3D product presentation: Furniture

3D Product Presentation:Prototypes

Since prototypes are usually very expensive and ordinary product drawings do not provide the details that are needed, 3D product visualization is used today. By employing three-dimensional visualization of the products, the effect of dimensions, proportions and colors can be represented very realistically.

3D-Product Presentation:Chair

3D-Prototyp Product presentation: Prototyp

3D-Product Presentation: Chair

3D-Prototyp Product presentation: Prototyp

3D product presentation: Devices

A 3D product visualization offer companies the detailed representation of their equipment for domestic households and industrial businesses.

3D-Product Visualization Machine

Machine3D-product presentation: Machine

3D-Product Visualization Electronic

Electronic3D-product presentation: Camera

3D product presentation: Machines

In mechanical engineering, photo-realistic 3D product visualization are often used to represent the details and functions of big machines. Based on existing CAD data, we render the machines, visualize it in high-definition and animate it for videos. This provides companies with huge opportunities in the marketplace and saving costs (= clay models do not need to be produced).

3D-Product Presentation: Machine

Machine3D-product presentation: Produkt

3D-Product Presentation: Machine

Machine 3D-product presentation: Produkt

3D Visualization

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