We are constantly looking for professional partners for both Local Service Partners in Europe and North America, and Service Supply Chain Partners with specific field of expertise in media design, production, programming, E-commerce and web services or online marketing.

If you are interested in collaborating with us, please find below more information below regarding how we work with our partners and contact us.

DMP’s Local Service Partners:

DMP’s Local Service Partners are normally the established advertising and marketing agencies, or web service companies that are based in Europe and North America.

By working with Digital Media Partner, you will still sell and offer your current services to your clients, but then,

1. You will be able to offer a wider scope of services than what you are currently offering by leveraging DMP’s global service supply chain.

2. We will refer to your field of expertise for serving our clients when it comes to your professional service scope, especially when the clients are in the same country/region as where you are.

3. You will be able to optimize / reduce your media production cost by outsourcing this part of work to DMP’s Service Supply Chain Network.

4. We will work together with you for further market acquisition.


Our local service partners are the points of contacts to our clients. Responsibilities include:

- Client project management: Projects can be originated from our Local Service Partners or from DMP platform, where we got the inquires within the region / country or field of expertise of our Local Service Partners, we then work together to serve our clients and ensure an optimal cost and service combination.

- Client communications: Understanding the client and project needs and communicate to the global supply chain partners to ensure perfect project execution and delivery, as well as long term client support.

- Client consulting: face-to-face meetings, planning, design & conception with client teams.

- Support or facilitate the payment process according to the actual project conditions.

- Provide the services that is within your field of expertise in the project.

Why are we partners and not competitors:

A lot of tasks can be outsourced offshore to achieve cost reductions, but some type of tasks have to be done or best to be executed or supported locally.

Types of tasks like 3D modeling, image editing, video post-production, and most kinds of digital production work can normally be easily outsourced offshore wherever the professional know-how exists. However, creative work, brainstorming, planning and conception, strategic consulting are normally best executed locally with clients.

The core concept of Digital Media Partner’s business model is to let the Local Service Partners taking care of the tasks that are best to be done locally and face-to-face with clients to ensure seamless communication and service to the clients. The Global Supply Chain will handle as much production and execution work as possible to ensure cost optimization. Thus, the value that clients get will be maximized, and the Local Service Partners will be also freed from the media production and execution work and focus on where they have more advantages and expertise with.

A win-win-win situation will be achieved amongst our clients, Local Service Partners (LSPs) and global service Supply Chain Partners (SCPs), with clients getting the best value from DMP’s service platform. DMP’s partners focus on what they are best with and back up each other on their weakness (i.e. weak local client interfacing support for SCPs and high service costs for LSPs). That is why many Local Service Partners and Supply Chain Partners are offering services in the same industry but in the end, through Digital Media Partner’s service platform, working as real partners and not really the competitors.

Advantages of being DMP’s Local Service Partners:

- You enlarge your client base through DMP’s service platform. You will get access to or work with us in serving our global clients, especially when the clients are based within your region or you can be the subject matter expert of the projects we are running.

- You can now offer a larger scope of service to clients than you currently offer, because you can draw the resources and expertise from our global service supply chain as needed.

- You can also reduce your operation costs by outsourcing part of your tasks to our global supply chain, benefiting from a lower globalization cost or reducing your fixed costs by leveraging the flexibility of our global service supply chain.

- We share our experiences and best practices across industries and companies with our partners, so that we all are on top of the latest innovations and technologies that we can offer to our clients.

DMP’s Global Service Supply Chain Partners (SCP):

Digital Media Partner has 10 years of experience working with various kinds of agencies and companies around the globe to serve our clients globally. We have developed a carefully selected network of professional suppliers who are experts in Ad & marketing, media design & productions, web services, software & APP programming. Our Service Supply Chain Partners are basically two types:

Global Service Supply Chain Partners in Asia who are professionals in media design and production:

These are experts in different media and web service fields, such as 3d visualization & animation, video post-production, APP programming , web & E-commerce services, video/mobile gaming, graphic design, cartoon gaming developer & programmers. The Asian service supply network and field of expertise are still growing per our customer needs.

With this network we are not only able to deliver super media production work with great prices but also having the flexibility to reach out to the experts for any further client requests that are beyond our current scope of services.

Global Service Supply Chain Partners in EU and North America:

These are experts in content & social media marketing, SEO&SEM, conversion optimization for E-Commerce, Ad and Marketing consultants & strategists for on/offline business, as well as web services providers such as web consultants and programmers.

With this network in place we know the local markets and clients well and can offer our clients the types of services that are difficult or less efficient to be offered offshore. These partners in many cases are also our LSPs (Local Services Partners) who take the overall lead in managing projects.


Design, develop, product, program / execute and deliver the project needs according to clients’ requirements in their respective field of expertise (2d, 3d, interactive & multimedia, APP, gaming, programming, online/social marketing services etc.)

Advantages of being DMP’s global service Supply Chain Partners (SCP):

- Find global clients and take orders through DMP’s service platform.

- Work with DMP’s Local Service Partners in EU and North America to acquire new clients and projects. No need to worry about the language and cultural barriers in different countries by leveraging Local Service Partners network.


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