Promotion of Content Marketing Across Owned, Earned, and Paid Media


Paid media is positive publicity you gain through paid advertising. You pay for this, usually for time or space. The channels you choose could include tradeshows, outdoor, pay per click, search, newspapers, TV, radio, magazines, signage, movie screens, sponsorships, direct mail, etc. You have to create content for these channels. The big pluses: You totally control the message, and you create early-funnel awareness of your brand or category. The big minus? It’s not trustworthy.

Owned media includes distribution and promotion channels that you control, such as your web pages, landing pages, blog, Facebook page, and Twitter account. You create content for these channels, such as white papers, blog posts, infographics, tweets, images, videos on YouTube or Vimeo, and so on. Once other people begin distributing your content, it will become earned media. Big plus: you can control the messaging, and you can target niche audiences. Biggest con? It’s expensive in resources and time, and it can be hard to manage.

Earned media is positive publicity gained through channels where you are not doing the distribution yourself. Comments on Google+, RTs on Twitter and shares on Facebook, and so on, are all examples. As an example of process, it could work like this: You create content (a press release), pitch your story to a news organization, and get a story. The story is earned media, and so are the comments and tweets it garners.
Same with social media or other word-of-mouth tactics: You create a tweet (creating content) and post it on Twitter (using owned media) and others find it worthy and retweet it. Those retweets are earned media. The con: You can’t control earned. The BIG pro: It’s the most trustworthy medium, and one prospective buyers actively seek out. So you need to be there. 

 · Sponsored Tweets, Facebook, and LinkedIn posts: Cater the content you choose to promote to each medium. For instance, an article on the top 10 bathrooms for a remodeler would go over better on Facebook than LinkedIn. Reddit and StumbleUpon also offer paid promotion.

 · Paid Syndication: Outbrain is a great content syndication service that suggests your posts to readers on top websites, including Fox News, based on the article they just read. You can set cost-per-click and campaign duration. Disqus is also rolling out paid syndication campaigns as part of their commenting plugin, as well.
 · Paid Blogger Campaigns: Many blogs take sponsors and will share links to your content via sponsored posts on their website. You can also work with organizations that manage the entire blogger campaign on behalf of companies. Examples of these include Clever Girls Collective and Fitfluential.


We help you to bring your paid, owned, earned media together

We help you to use all three types of media to reach prospects at all stages of the funnel, and reaching your prospects across multiple channels with the same message, and getting reinforcement. It takes any place from 5 to 15 (or more) touches before a customer takes a positive action; people need to get who your brand is and what your value proposition is across all channels…and it needs to be consistent

Integrating the three types of media lets you:

    · Develop and deploy unified and consistent messaging across all channels 
    · Meet your customers wherever they are in the funnel, with the same messages
    · Reinforce your messaging so the effect is that your brand is prominent and powerful

Our approach for content seeding and promotions:

We launch campaigns that will attract qualified visitors to your “top-of-the-funnel” landing pages and initiate your workflows.

We use a multi-channel campaign approach to fill the top of the conversion funnel with a lead-off batch of fresh prospects

Most often, we promote the landing page via: 

   · Blog posts on our client’s website
   · Guest posts on authoritative blogs
   · Paid advertising campaigns on Google AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, StumbleUpon and others
   · Social seeding with focus and authority through social media channels such as: Facebook, Google+, Twitter und Tumblr.
   · Direct PR outreach to influential bloggers, journalists and news outlets
   · Integration within all existing marketing campaigns and channels (including offline)
   · Video Seeding, die auch auf der Kerntechnologie basiert und die über die Sozialen Netzwerke hinaus Videos auch in Themen-Blogs, Websites und Apps  platziert.

   · Blog & optimize - blog & optimize - blog & optimize...

Blog posts attract targeted traffic that naturally funnels readers into your premium content landing pages. It will guarantee a steady inflow of marketing-qualified leads at the top of the funnel. And if the workflows do their job, this means a steady flow of sales qualified leads coming out of the bottom of the funnel.



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