Conversion Optimization

Marketing websites must generate leads - eCommerce web sites must generate sales. In order to do so, websites need to do three things:

    - Generate traffic
    - Convert visitors to customers 
    - Encourage and increase repeat purchase

1. Generate Traffic

Be easy to find.

In content marketing, the three main sources of website traffic are search engine optimization, social media, and email marketing. But unless the site is built with these in mind, the analytics and ROI will suffer.

    - The pages must be aligned with key phrases. 
    - Social media must be integrated.
    - The blog must be a platform for publishing, the landing page for email newsletters and new subscribers.
    - The design must be responsive and mobile-friendly.

The entire site must be structured to build trust, then gently guide visitors towards the lead generation form or shopping cart.

2. Optimize conversion

Conversion rates are determined by three things: design appeal, content, and usability.

    - Design - You have to look good and professional.
    - Content - Communicate clearly and attractively with your audience.
    - Usability - Make sure your product / services are useful to your audience.

We design the website to funnel visitors towards desired conversions. Then, we set up Google Analytics to track this activity. The reports provide data that drives decisions about content, keywords, calls-to-action, and blog post topics. It's a cycle of continual improvement.

3. Increase reat purchase behavior

A content management system is a "must-have" for content strategy.

    - Update any content quickly: pages, products, events, portfolios, galleries, and everything else.
    - Consistently publish fresh content for your blog and email campaigns.
    - Promote this content using social media tools, which attracts comments, shares, subscribers, and links.
    - Learn to use Google Analytics, so you can optimize both SEO and email campaigns

If a site is missing even one of these essential elements, the website is likely to require a redesign much sooner - with all the additional costs, time, and hassles involved in creating a new site.


Clipping path services:

Clipping path is also known as background removal, image outlining or knocking out background. Profimasking offers precise hand made clipping paths with top quality, low prices and quick turnaround time.

Delivery time of our clipping path services:

In general we deliver clipping paths within 24 hours / 48 hours (max.). In case of high image complexity or large order volume, we deliver upon prior agreement. We also offer an express clipping path service upon request.

Standard clipping path creation: Clothes

The clipping path creation for clothes is performed as desired, on white, transparent or on a new background. We can deliver the images for your sales channels and market places in the correct pixel format.

Original Image

With a studio background

Clipping Path Creation

To remove the backgroud

New Background

Image background removed

Standard clipping path creation: Shoes

The clipping path creation for shoes is performed as desired, on white, transparent or on a new background. We can deliver the images for your sales channels and market places in the correct pixel format.

Original Image of Shoes

ShoesOriginal image

Clipping Path Incl. Shading Effect

Shoes Clipping path creation for shoes

Complex clipping path  

For objects such as fur/carpet, or hair, we do special clipping path creation (image masking) to mask out the objects.

Clipping Path - Original Image 

ClothesComplex clipping path creation

Clipping Path - Clothes

ClothesComplex clipping path creation

Hair Masking - Original Image

HairHair masking - original image

Hair Masking - New Background

HairHair masking / transp. background 

Very complex clipping path

The clipping path creation of very complex objects includes, for example, bicycles or transparent elements within an object. The clipping path creation may take time up to an hour. The alpha channel method is used for objects with very fine details that cannot be clipped with the traditional path tool.


Insects - Original Image

InsectsOriginal image

Insects - Clipping Path

Insects Clipping the wings

Insects - Path Creation

InsectsClipping the wings

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We not only have a strong global service supply chain for design, programming and productions, we also help businesses and brands get found on the Internet. We achieve this by employing different services that work in conjunction to help any brand find their audiences on the Internet. We offer the following services to your business and brands:

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