Rational / Emotional Influence

Visual optimization is the most direct element and in many cases the most effective way for conversion rate optimization. A nice picture speaks more than 1000 words, visual optimization helps to enhance and encourage both rational purchase decisions and emotional purchase decisions.

Website optimization through rational information:

A rational appeal in E-commerce means more emphasis is placed on providing factual information and specific details about product benefits. Rational product information are fact-based. Research shows that, more than 2/3 of the online users rely seriously on good product photos and information in purchase decision making. Therefore, rational product information presentation is of special significance in website optimization.

Key points for a convincing rational product information presentation:

Product images with professional look and feel, and with high resolution and brilliant colors
Provide viewer with product views from all perspective
High resolution image zooming function

Detailed presentation of product functions, design and usage instruction

Examples for convincing product presentations:


High Versus Low Image Resolution


Shoe shopConveys different rational appeal

Clear Image, Brilliant Color and Image 

Shoe storePremium product photography

Solutions for rational production info presentation optimization:

Prepare unified (size, perspective, lighting, background etc.) product images view - heterogeneous product images looks like in a flea market
Add a drop shadow, reflection, or decent background for your products
Offer configurability to let users configure colors and functions online
Product image retouching
360 degrees product view or animation to allow a full perception of products
- Product clips/videos

Examples for online store optimization


Website optimieren: Produktbildinszenierung

Product Photography and Retouching


Color Configurator


Creating Emotional Product Appeal

Most people believe that the choices they make result from a rational analysis of available alternatives. In reality, however, emotions greatly influence and, in many cases, even determine the purchase decisions.

Research shows that, E-commerce successfully integrated with emotional factors, such as emotional branding, product presentations, story telling... provide the greatest return on investment.

Professional, creative, multimedia and interactive product presentations stimulate the emotional purchase decision through:

- Image & trust building of your online shop and brand: professionally presented online stores have clearly much better brand image and therefore more trust from viewers.

- High end product images and premium product presentations through multimedia and interactive technologies also create emotion, fun and joyful user experiences.Emotional factors for fashion and sport industries play even more important role than rational factors. In most cases an online store has only some seconds to stimulate customers emotional impulse, visual impressions play a dominant role in these first seconds

Examples for emotional product presentations


Emotional Teaser Image 


Teaser Product Animation



Means of website optimization and emotional appeal:

Image-/ Lifestyle Film
3D Modeling / Virtual Reality
High-End 3D Mproduct presentation
High-End Retouching + Mood image photography
Interactive und multi-media communication means 

Further examples for E-commerce optimization through creative and emotional presentation of online stores and products.

Website Optimization by employing emotional communication means

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