E-Mail Marketing


Legitimate e-mail marketing is not spam. When done properly, e-mail marketing is an acceptable Internet marketing format that's used by some of the world's biggest brands. E-mail marketing campaigns can work for small businesses just as effectively as large ones.
A good e-mail marketing campaign involves sending e-mails to your clients on a routine basis (usually monthly). Recipients of your e-mail blasts can get information on your special offers, discounts and other news. You can include any information you want; the point is to connect with your audience and keep your business on their mind throughout the year.

CAN-SPAM E-mail Marketing Guidelines 

CAN-SPAM guidelines include:
    · Only send to those who have voluntarily provided their e-mail address (on your online contact form or other opt-in format)
    ·  Avoid using false or misleading header information
    ·  Avoid deceptive subject lines (i.e., "You're a winner!" or "official government notice")
    ·  Make it clear that the e-mail is for marketing your business
    ·  Disclose your business location
    · Provide an opt-out for recipients to remove themselves from the list
    ·  Honor all opt-out requests immediately and with no questions asked
We pride ourselves on staying in CAN-SPAM compliance to protect our clients and their audiences. Everything we do in e-mail marketing is real - no fake names, fake addresses or fake anything.

Our e-mail marketing strategy is as follows:

  · Determine your target market and audience
  · Compile your list of opt-in e-mail addresses
  · Design your e-mails, including key messaging and graphics
  · Design a landing page (that leads to your website) for recipients to click through
Finally, we send out your first e-mail blast, and follow up with you as we watch what it does.E-mail blasts are the term used for e-mail marketing messages. They can be customer letters, newsletters, promotional offers, "insider" information or industry news. They can, and in fact should, contain graphics and industry-specific colors to make them stand out and reflect your business. Our e-mail marketing team can personalize your e-mails to grab the attention of your recipients, hold it and improve the chance of that translating to sales. We offer polished, time-tested e-mail marketing that reflects your integrity and professionalism.





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