Usability Testing Service


What is Usability Testing?

Usability testing is a technique used to evaluate a website’s ease of use. Through usability testing, where we observe existing or potential customers use of and comments about client’s websites, we note users’ attitudes and reactions towards layout, functionality, and challenges that arise in task completion processes (i.e. user registration, purchase, request info, etc.) on the client’s website. Following the test, a report summarizes user behaviors, current challenges and suggested solutions to improve website ease of use and conversion rates. Digital Media Partner’s Usability Testing Service has performed numerous Usability Tests for clients leading to significant improvements in user experience, conversion rates and ROI.

Why should Brands and Website owners consider Usability Testing?

From a Nielsen survey of 15 U.S. large commercial sites, only 42% users can successfully find specific information or complete the assigned task in the web sites, and about 30% users will stop shopping because of the unfriendly browsing experience or purchasing process, which illustrates the use of website will affect user’s behavior. Even if the Brands / Web developers recognize these benefits, they often have a limit in terms of time and investment-- they want a cost effective solution to helping to improve their website performance without taking too much of their own limited time and budget.

Usability Testing Process

1 Test Design: Ensure the testing objective and metrics.

(a)Testing objectives:

The objective should be written in specific, for example: “new users can finish the log-in process in 5 minutes without any help” is much better than “users can log-in easily”

(b)Testing Metrics

A good website has some features, including: easy to use (new visitors can quickly know the function and process); effectiveness; attractiveness to users.

2 Draft testing content: Usually choose key conversion pathway(s) process of the website.

3 Recruit users: Generally, ease of use is similar regardless of user background. Whether the user is brand’s exact target user is less important than their user experience.

Of course, if you can attract existing or potential users who have similar objectives with website target customers, this is best.Prepare the test to include both specific pathway questions and task completion analysis as well as more open-ended questions to identify other insights. Tests should last 45min or less.

4 Execution: Test users need to complete the test without any external influence; staff needs to find out what problems users might meet by observing user behavior and listenting to what test users say outloud while navigating the website. Report – Analysis + Recommend: The service provider should collect and summarize all website challenges, analyze and prioritize key challenges to address and provide suggestions for further optimization.




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