Web Analytics


Deploying professional analytics across multiple marketing channels is essential for not only measuring but also understanding your on and offline marketing strategies. Without it it's impossible to assess the impact of your marketing or identify weak points in your site design.

Our Google Analytics consultants can help with the advanced setup of your analytics account - for example to track e-commerce transactions or to set up conversion tracking.

We can also help align reporting with your business objectives - providing you with meaningful data and actionable insight.

We'll spend time with you to understand your requirements and then configure your account so that it tracks online goals and key performance indicators appropriately.

We'll also help you understand visitor journeys through your site, trends in performance and relationships between data sets that you may not have considered. Powerful information if you are looking to improve conversion rates on your site.

Our web analytics services include:

       · Optimization and review of tracking codes, reporting dashboards and automated reports.
       · Identification of top traffic sources, their outcomes, and priority of actions that need to be taken to optimize performance, seasonality shifts, and achieve revenue targets.
       · Analysis of visitor behavior to determine what visitors are doing when they get to the site, are they engaging in the ideal scenario and if there are elements that need to be changed or tested.
       · Analysis of the top landing pages to reduce the bounce rate, increase visitor engagement, and optimize the website navigation or paths to specific conversion activities.
       · Implementation of multivariate and A/B testing to improve page performance
       · Analysis of on-site search usage and provide recommendations for refinement
       · Analysis of shopping cart to improve conversion rate through increasing add-to-cart rates, checkout rates, reducing cart abandonments.
       · Implementation of customer segmentation and advanced drill-down reviews to understand how to improve website merchandizing, engagement and conversion.
       · Identify problematic areas with available inventory, content blocks, exit pages, new vs. return visitor performance.



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