We offer a special product photography service (packshot) for our web shop and mail-order customers. Packshots are offered at low prices due to the lower complexity in the setup process and the number of images that are regulalrly taken. All the products images are consistently presented in your shop, market places or in the catalog. If necessary, the background can be changed for different sales and communication channels.

Advantages of packshots:

- Consistent product presentation
- Quick delivery of your packshots esp. for web shops
- Value-for-money alternative compared to advertising photography
- Deivery of the packshots in the right size and formats
- We create packshots for flat-shots, product packaging, hardware or other products

Packshots for shoes

Web shops that are specialized in selling shoes habe a need for low price product photography (packshots). The number of shoe brands, types and variants require regular seasonal updates and a uniform presentation. Besides the photography we also offer image editing services: color correction, removal of spatters, adding shadows or reflections.

Packshots Of Shoes

ShoesProduct photography of shoes

Packshots For Shoes

ShoesProduct photography of shoes

Packshots for bags

The packshot photography for bags and accessories is growing over the last years. Bags and accessories are lifestyle fashion items that need to be presented in a unified premium way. Besides the creation of packshots we do also offer image enhancement services: color correction, retouching, shadowing.

Packshots For Bags

BagsProduct photography of bags

Packshots For Bags

Bags Product photography of bags

Packshots for accessories

Fashion items can be photographed either on a model or as flat-shot. The packshot photography is used for the creation of flat-shots. This is more cost and time effective. Most fashion photos that are created as flat-shots concern T-Shits, hoodies, hats, pants as well as partially also jackets.

Packshots Of Accessories

AccessoriesProduct photography of belts

Packshots Of Accessories

Accessories Product photography of purses 

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