Product photography

We provide you with professional product photography in case the quality of packshots is not sufficient to your needs for product presentations. Product photos are used as teaser images for web sites and web shops or for catalogues.

The advantages of product photography:

- Professional production of product photos in the studio or at your site - for single or a group of products
- Staged photography by product specific light settings, using shades or mirroring effects.
- Creation of visual ideas and complex product photos according to your specifications

Product photography for jewelry

This product category offers a variety of ways to create high-quality and emotional pictures. An appealing presentation of jewelry products requires a lot of creativity and the right color balance of the ambient image.

Jewelry Photography

ChainProduct photography for jewelry 

Jewelry Photography

PendantsProduct photography for jewelry 

Product photography for components and industrial products

"Rational" products like industrial items or accessories (fittings) need to be emotionally charged, in order to highlight quality and appeal. The elaboration of the metals (see examples below) are essential for emotional product presentations.

Industrial Product Photography

FaucetsProduct photography for components 

Industrial Product Photography

Door knobProduct photography for components 

Product photography for computer components

Computer parts needs to be photographed in an emotionally appealing way to arouse interest. These images will used for landing pages (hero teaser images), trade shows or in the product catalog..

Product Photography: Computer

SensorPhotography for components

Product Photography: Computer

KeyboardPhotography for components

Product photography for electronic devices

Computer equipment needs to be photographed in an emotionally appealing way to arouse interest. These images will used for landing pages (hero teaser images), trade shows or in the product catalog.

Product Photos For Machines

MachinesProduct photography for devices

Product Photos For Converter

ConverterProduct photography for devices

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