Film and Video Subtitling

We can both transcribe and translate your video and create subtitles for a video or film released on virtually any medium and format available on the market! Throughout the years, we have created hundreds of videos with subtitles that helped our clients reach a much broader audience.

Subtitling Services

We handle every subtitle file format and every type of content, using our global network of translators to offer a huge range of languages, from English subtitles to Hindi subtitles, and all points between.

we are specialists in providing high quality subtitles for audio-visual material, including subtitles for films, documentaries and promotional material, as well as specialist subtitling services for the deaf and hard of hearing.

We only use experienced subtitlers who hold relevant qualifications and who have significant experience in the type of subtitling and the subject field required by our clients. All of our subtitlers are native speakers of the language they provide subtitles in.

What is subtitling?

Subtitles are written versions of the dialogue of a film or other form of audio-visual material, usually displayed at the bottom of the screen.

What types of subtitling are there?

There are 2 main types of subtitling:

1) Pre-recording subtitling:

-Translated subtitles: the subtitles are based on the translation of the transcription dialogue found in the audio-visual material. Depending on the context, subtitles are sometimes shortened versions of the dialogue, as they are subject to strict spatial and time limitations.

-Subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing: these subtitles are a textual rendering of the dialogue of the film, and often contain additional information to help the viewer's understanding (such as "sighs" or "door creaks"). They can also be there merely to help the viewer understand a strong accent. This type of subtitling is sometimes known as closed captioning.

2) Live subtitling:

-Real-time or online captioning: this is live captioning carried out for news, current affairs and sports programmes and talk shows. It is becoming increasingly common practice due to regulations stipulating that the deaf and hard of hearing should have access to almost all television programmes.

High Quality Translated Subtitles

We provide subtitles for films, documentaries and promotional clips, as well as any other audio-visual material. All of our subtitles are produced by experienced subtitlers, who only subtitle into their native language. Subtitled material is then proofread by an independent third party linguist ensuring the accuracy and quality of the final product. We are able to deliver subtitles in a variety of different file formats to suit the needs of our clients.

Film & Video Production

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